About Us

Z.M.K. & Co. (Chartered Accountants) is registered under the Chartered Accountants Ordinance, 1961. The firm is a member of GMN International– An association of legally independent accounting Firms.


Accounting & Bookkeeping

Principles of our work


To be straight forward and honest in all professional and business relationships


To not allow bias, conflict of interest or undue influence of others to override professional or business judgements.

Professional Competence and Due Care

To maintain professional knowledge and skill at the level required to ensure competent professional services ( based on current development in practice, legislation and techniques.)


To comply with relevant laws and regulations and avoid any action that discredit the profession.

Professional Behavior

To refrain from using confidential information acquired as a result of professional and busines relationships for either personal advantage or advantage of third parties.

Our Services

Assurance Service @ ZMK (2)


We have the knowledge and experience necessary to help you with complex financial accounting issues.



ZMK offers a unique range of training programme focused on the development of leadership skills and personal skills.

Internal Audit @ ZMK (1)

Internal Audit

ZMK Maximize the value and effectiveness of the internal audit function by understanding the organization and by applying correct policies.

HR 3

Human Resource

ZMK offers an entire suite of human resource management services. Starting with recruitment and moving through the entire employee life cycle,

Taxation @ ZMK (1)

Tax Planning & Preparation

ZMK offers a wide range of tax services including corporate and individual and compliance to help produce sustainable long-term tax savings.

Book Keeping

Accounting & Bookkeeping

ZMK is a single source financial solutions provider and offers a full range of bookkeeping, accounting and outsourcing services for small to mid-sized businesses

Consultancy @ ZMK (2)

Public Sector Consulting

We can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of public sector policies and can implement policy to deliver modern policies to citizens.

Financial Management

Funds Management Consultancy

Zia Masood Kiani & Co. provides Fund Management Consultancy (FMC’s) to donor agencies

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