Zia Masood Kiani & CO., a member firm of GMN International has the knowledge and experience necessary to help you with complex financial accounting issues. We audit many of the best-known companies and other organizations both large and small. Our audit approach is tailored to suit the size and nature of your organization and draws upon our extensive industry knowledge.

Our Assurance & regulatory reporting services

ZMK provides innovative high-quality, and cost-effective services relating to organizations’

Financial control, regulatory reporting, shareholder value, and technology needs. ZMK provides

  1. Financial statements audit as per ISAs and USAID rules & regulations
  2. IFRS reporting
  3. Regulatory compliance and reporting
  4. Corporate reporting improvement
  5. Financial accounting
  6. Independent controls & systems process assurance
  7. Pre-award assessment


Mehwsih Maqbool

Mehwish Maqbool