ZMK’s experience is derived from partner’s experiences which include professional services to small, medium and large businesses (sole proprietorship, partnership, companies). The Firm believes that it is suitably qualified to undertake the assignment in a professional manner.

The client’s service by us are engaged in the following diversified range of businesses:

  • Aviation
  • Banking and investment
  • Broadcasting and electronic media
  • Cement and tiles
  • Charities, foundations and NGOs
  • Communication
  • Construction
  • Distribution and marketing
  • Engineering
  • Financial institutions
  • Food, beverages and allied
  • Glass and ceramics
  • Health care and hospitals
  • Hospitality
  • Institutions, clubs and associations
  • Non-Governmental Organization (NGOs)
  • Non-Profit Organization (NPOs)
  • Oil and gas
  • Paper and allied
  • Pharmaceuticals and chemicals
  • Poultry and dairy farm
  • Power and utilities
  • Publishing and media
  • Security and brokerage houses
  • Telecommunication
  • Textile and garments
  • Tobacco
  • Transport and logistics services

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